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What is a Tyvek bag?


Tyvek® is a 100% synthetic material made from high-density spunbound polyethylene fibers. Lightweight, durable and breathable, yet resistant to water, abrasion, bacterial penetration and aging, Tyvek® is an amazing material used to improve a variety of applications across multiple industries.

Tyvek is waterproof in the sense that its structure remains stable and unaffected even when submersed in water, it's just as strong when it's wet as when it's dry. In terms of water penetration, water droplets will not 'wet' and soak into the surface, they will simply remain as droplets on the surface.

We know that our customers lead busy lives and use their Healthy Back Bags for many purposes: work, travel, hiking, cycling, walking…the list goes on. We also know that our bags need to withstand the knocks and scrapes that life on the go throws at them so fabric choice is important. No one wants a Tyvek bag looking like a sack of potatoes after its first outing.

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